3 03, 2019

Using the 4W Framework to Rationalize IoT Investments

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Developing IoT solutions for existing product lines is increasingly important to industrial companies of all sizes and scopes, primarily because they’re seen as important value-adds without the need to reinvent the wheel itself.

One example: manufacturers are adding sensors to their devices in order to provide customers with a preventative maintenance service – the product is monitored and, when necessary, serviced, without inconveniencing the customer. The result: no disruptive field failures, the product’s service life is extended, and by extension the brand enjoys a stronger affinity from the customer.

That’s the theory, anyway.

IoT Potential vs. Reality

Because we live in an era with virtually unlimited potential for imagining digital tools and the connective networks that bind them, industry is faced with a difficult decision: while IoT devices sound good in theory, how do you know if an IoT investment actually makes sense?

To answer that question, we recommend answering four key questions about the users (and uses) of the IoT product prior to actual development and deployment. We’ve bundled these into what we call the 4W […]

5 09, 2018

A New Formula for Creating PE Deal Value, Stability

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The private equity formula is simple. PE investors expect their portfolio CEOs to drive positive, measurable changes that led to healthy exit options. In a majority of cases, however, that formula is being turned on its head, with the exits coming from the CEOs themselves (73% of them, to be exact) along with corresponding hits on costs, valuations, and plan goals.

Clearly, the formula needs to change, particularly in an era when mounting deal pressures and lengthening hold periods are creating a kind of perfect storm that could result in even more CEOs heading toward the exits.

How best to change the formula? By creating a targeted, tailored support structure that fully empowers and supports CEOs to lead their enterprises through their transformation plans – a structure that acts like a three-legged stool.

A Three-Legged Stool

Based on our years of experience in the PE arena, we believe today’s portfolio CEO needs targeted, tailored modes of support that, collectively, enable them to drive the kinds of enterprise transformation investors want.

You can think of this new […]

19 06, 2018

Building a Board that Works for Middle Market PE Firms

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High asset prices have placed enormous pressures on middle market private equity management teams to execute ‘the plan.’ While we previously focused on how an Operating Partner can help prevent the epidemic in CEO turnover plaguing many such operations, in this post we want to talk about an equally important component of the equation: identifying and building an effective Board of Directors.

It goes without saying that the BoD is critical in ensuring investor returns. And while the nature of the BoD roles and where they should invest their time and energies are somewhat dependent on the circumstances of the deal and the nature of the value creation plan, there are four areas the BoD upon must focus on irrespective of the deal nature:

  • Governance
  • Plan Execution
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Human Capital Development

Each of these areas requires some time and attention to assure the prosperity of the firm.

However, at its most extreme (or worst), the BoD expends a disproportionate amount of effort on plan execution and governance. And while plan execution is clearly […]