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10 10, 2018

A New Formula for PE Deal Success – The Fractional CFO – Outliers LLC

By |2018-10-10T10:00:56+00:00October 10th, 2018|Operating Partners, Private Equity Value Creation|

The private equity formula is simple. PE investors expect their portfolio CEOs to drive positive, measurable changes that led to healthy exit options. In a majority of cases, however, that formula is being turned on its head, with the exits coming from the CEOs themselves (73% of them, to be exact) along with corresponding hits on costs, valuations, and plan goals.

Clearly, the formula needs to change, particularly in an era when mounting deal pressures and lengthening hold periods are creating a kind of perfect storm that could result in even more CEOs heading toward the exits.

How best to change the formula? By creating a targeted, tailored support structure that fully empowers and supports CEOs to lead their enterprises through their transformation plans – a structure that acts like a three-legged stool.

A Three-Legged Stool

Based on our years of experience in the PE arena, we believe today’s portfolio CEO needs targeted, tailored modes of support that, collectively, enable them to drive the kinds of enterprise transformation investors want.

You can think of this new […]

4 04, 2018

How to Solve CEO Turnover in PE Companies

By |2018-08-07T10:48:36+00:00April 4th, 2018|Operating Partners, Private Equity Value Creation|

A majority of the CEOs tasked with transforming PE portfolio companies into lucrative exits are instead being replaced within the first two years of the investment, thereby putting both the reality of those plans and their timetables in real jeopardy. Meaning that solving CEO turnover in PE companies is critical to industry success.

That is the consensus of a recent PE industry survey, which also suggests that much of this executive churn could be avoided through a more intelligent approach to due diligence, planning and managing the relationship between the CEO and ownership.

To those of us with significant PE-CEO experience, what’s most surprising about the survey isn’t its results but rather that anyone should be surprised by them at all. Replacing a portfolio company CEO may be a necessary evil but the IRR implications for PE funds are significant.

The Risks of CEO Churn

Today’s high asset prices are placing increased pressures on PE investments, requiring focused, steadfast approaches to value creation that quite naturally depend on an effective CEO and leadership team. Which is why […]

26 03, 2018

Michael Hejtmanek Joins Mainsheet OP as Partner

By |2018-04-02T16:13:22+00:00March 26th, 2018|Operating Partners|

Mainsheet OP, which provides operating partner services, announced today that Michael Hejtmanek has joined the company as Partner. Hejtmanek, formerly of Hasselblad Inc., is a highly experienced chief executive with a track record of identifying and delivering value at privately-owned mid-market companies.

“I am delighted that Michael is joining Mainsheet OP and enabling growth in our fractional Operating Partner model,” said Simon Jones, founder and CEO of Mainsheet OP. “Michael has a proven track record as CEO of a privately owned international enterprise but, just as important, he clearly has the social intelligence skills required to deliver value as an Operating Partner for our clients.”

“Working across portfolio companies at several private equity firms is exactly the challenge I have been looking for,” said Hejtmanek. “The breadth and depth of exposure will give me the ability to provide best-in-class advisory services to Mainsheet OP’s client base – from providing investment theses and due diligence, to management advisory services throughout a portfolio company’s ownership lifecycle. I’m excited to be working with a renowned expert such as […]